Environmental Compliance

At IKM, we pride ourselves in helping our clients to manage their environmental risk, whilst maintaining compliance, from large scale construction and infrastructure projects, to PPC permit installations, and small scale developments.

Starting from understanding baseline conditions, our team of environmental specialists predict the potential impact of proposed works, and assist with developing mitigation measures to ensure clients meet their environmental obligations.  Our team specialises in providing support for noise and vibration impacts on construction projects and PPC (Pollution Prevention Control) permits; water quality and drainage/silt management; and dust and vapour monitoring. Our expertise ideally places us to assist clients with developing design- and construction- phase environmental management plans, and providing ECoW support, auditing and due diligence. Additionally, we can create and run the more holistic, overarching Environmental Management Systems (EMS).

We work hard to develop and maintain great working relationships with Regulators throughout the UK, and can provide assistance when preparing licence and consent applications for all environmental aspects.

We have an extensive track record of providing rapid response following hydrocarbon spillages, assisting clients with minimising environmental impact to watercourses and to ground, offering hydrocarbon exposure monitoring, clean-up solutions, and post-remediation verification support ensuring Regulator close-out.

Additionally, we are leading consultants in providing secondary and tertiary containment assessment in line with the COMAH Containment policy, and undertaking CDOIF environmental risk assessments to meet the requirements of the Competent Authority.


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