Contaminated Land

With nearly 20 years in the contaminated land sector, IKM has extensive experience in providing pragmatic solutions to Client’s brownfield issues.

Our team of geologists and hydrogeologists has an established record of carrying out Phase 1 desk studies, site investigations and quantitative risk assessments. Our remediation consultants look to develop innovative sustainable onsite solutions, providing supervision, verification and regulatory support to Clients.  Our use of onsite soil testing has resulted in significant cost savings for clients, ensuring that disposal volumes and costs are minimised.  Our waste specialists offer bespoke waste and material management strategies, encouraging maximum reuse of soils onsite and between projects. To date, we have helped save our clients over £15 million.

Our key services are:

  • Phase 1 Desk Studies
  • Phase 2 Geo-environmental Investigations
  • Detailed Quantitative Risk Assessments (DQRA)
  • Water Supply Pipe Assessments
  • Ground Gas Assessments
  • Remediation Design, Supervision and Verification
  • Onsite Testing of Soils and Water
  • Waste and Materials Management
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